photo1David K. DeWolf

Professor Emeritus, Gonzaga Law School

Teaching Resources



††††††††††† Iíve spent over thirty years teaching law, and I have some resources that may help you either in teaching or in studying law.


An article you may find helpful, particularly if you teach law:Teaching Harbeson (from the Journal of Legal Education, December 2004 (.pdf format)

Same article, but in .htm format 


††††††††††† Past exams, and sample answers, that may be helpful if you are either teaching or studying one of the following subjects:


Torts Exams

Criminal Law Exams

Consumer Law Exams

Product Liability Exams


††††††††††† You can also find a list of my publications on my faculty page on the website of Gonzaga Law School.


My textbook for Torts is also available for free as a download.Feel free to email me with questions or comments: